Monday, December 20, 2010

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mecej with justin biebers follow fb ,OMG ! he replied , i cannot belived tht , OMG !
but to early he off line because he want to go hospital , caitlen is in the hospital , she cannot breath , so pity ,i pray caitlen better soon , :(
miss justin , :) yesterday i call justin but unfortunately his make voice mail , his said *hello this justin* and blablabla tht i can remmbr , huhu , but i soo excitent coz get number phone justin , miss his voice !! eventhough i cant talk to justin, i still can hear his voice through his voicemail. i'm soo happy and excited , i cannot believed i get his phone number , i'm so adore him , its better to adore oversea's artist than to adore our local artist !!!!

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